"Learning to meditate was one of the best decisions of my life. I am calmer, stronger, more resilient, and most importantly more present."

Justin, Los Angeles
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Friday Nov 25, 6pm - 7pm
Saturday Nov 26, 10am - Noon
Saturday Nov 26, 5pm - 7pm
Sunday Nov 27, 10am - Noon

1212 Stratford Ave, Elkins Park, PA, 19027 (map)

Course Fee
Students choose their own course fee from the options below and base this personal decision on their income.

$250, $500, $1000, or $2500

Because students of higher means subsidize students of lesser means, the honor system is in effect (don't worry -- we won't be asking for proof of income or checking tax returns). Choosing one's own course fee allows everyone who wants to learn the ability to take the course.

Here's a helpful guideline for choosing your course fee based on yearly income. Remember, this is an equitable guideline (only) and the decision is completely up to you based on your highest integrity. If you're unemployed, a student, or don't have a regular income, substitute the yearly income amounts below with what you spend in a year versus what you earn in a year.

$25,000 or less $250
$25,000 - $50,000 $500
$50,000 - $100,000 $1000
$100,000 or more $2500

Please select your course fee below and click Order Now to pay in full or to make a deposit* The deadline to do so is Thursday, November 17th but students are encouraged to sign up in advance if possible. Please feel free to write with questions to either Peter or to Bradley.

*Deposit refund: due to the expenses associated with bringing Peter to Philadelphia, a full refund will be given if there are not enough students to cover the costs of running the course. Deposit is non refundable in all other cases.


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