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Course Details - Exploring The Vedas

Exploring the Vedas is divided into six parts - recordings of Thom's original teaching of the course in 2004 and 2005. These sessions are facilitated by Peter Vroom, highly trained and experienced Veudic Meditation teachers and former students. This structure provides plenty of opportunity for discusion and for questions to be answered in a relatable way to each student - a vital part of the learning process.

Every two years we travel to India for 10 days where we experience first hand the source of this knowledge whilst listening to Thom continue the lectures live.

A message from Thom Knoles on ETV.

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Approximate Timetable Parts One Through Six

Friday: 7pm to 9.30pm including dinner, group meditation and Q&A.

Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 6pm including breaks, lunch (delicious food provided), walks and plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

A follow-up session will be run on a Sunday at 4pm some weeks after each part where we'll go over the main points covered, make sure all are clear on the techniques handed out and answer any new questions that have come while implementing the knowledge in daily life. All students are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions regardless of which teacher they did the course with.

Further opportunities to discuss and ask questions will be made available as required.

Dates 2015

Please sign up early for Veda 1 to give us time to organize food and licensing.

Project Rishi
Veda 1: May 1 - 3
Veda 2: June 12 - 14
Veda 3: July 24 - 26
Veda 4: September 4 - 6
Veda 5: October 16 - 18
Veda 6: November 13 - 15

Price (Parts One Through Six)

$600 per part
$550 per part if 1, 2 and 3 are prepaid (Tot $1650)
$540 per part if all 6 are prepaid in one go (Tot $3240). Teacher Training participants should take this option.

Students attending the course again (to help towards licensing, catering and other costs).

$200 per part
$180 per part if 1, 2 and 3 are prepaid
$150 per part if all 6 are prepaid in one go

For all students who have done the Veda course with us there is also the option to make arrangements with us and come by the center and listen again without charge.

The follow-up sessions are free to all who have done the respective part of the course, regardless of who they initially did the course with.

Advanced Techniques

During each part of the course a number of advanced techniques will be taught, each specifically designed to expand awareness and consciousness to the point where the individual gains an understanding of the cause and effect of what is happening around and to them. It is the development of this ability that is the source of all of the answers to the above questions. It provides an opportunity for the student to "graduate into" being their own Master. For ultimately we only have one true guru - our Self.

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To attend each part of Exploring the Vedas the student must have learned Vedic Meditation.

Student must have learned rounding, a simple yoga and meditation technique. Opportunities to learn this will be provided before the course starts.

Each subsequent part in the series depends on the student having completed the previous part.

Part seven in India is optional but recommended. It's enlightening and a lot of fun.

Exploring the Vedas is a prerequisite for the Siddhis course.

Exploring the Vedas is a prerequisite to become a Vedic Meditation teacher.

No Examinations

There are no examinations in this course. The Exploring the Vedas series is designed to be easily understood and digestible for a wide range of people - both academic and non academic alike. The instruction is given via many channels so that it may suit all learning types. It covers more advanced material in a way that can be understood by people of all modes of thinking and is accessible to all levels of spiritual development. All that is required is a little curiosity.

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