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So you've been meditating for a while, perhaps even having profound experiences. We've got a simple technique which takes us right to bliss consciousness. The benefits are flowing whether we see them or not and our capacity is increasing. Fatigue and stress are being removed and we're left with a desire to know more.

Common Questions

These are all common questions that arise in each meditator as they continue their practice. Meditation is enjoyable and the benefits plenty but there's a lot more. Perhaps we entered meditation knowing exactly what we were getting, more commonly we learned with little knowledge of the real possibilities. We discover that the possibilities are perhaps greater than we expected and then we wonder what else could be "in there".

What is that next step?

The next step is to begin to understand what is happening around us. To see the cues in the "relative" world. To take action.

But what action?

To know what action to take we must not only dive into that unbounded unchanging part of ourselves - we must also re-emerge into the world with a firm understanding of what action to take. A firm, clear and unshakable moment by moment connection with our intuition.

You are invited to come and seek out these answers in a life changing course run by Peter Vroom.

You are invited to a profoundly new way of seeing the world.

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