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Group meditation every Sunday at 10 AM in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. For other events including meditation courses, advanced courses, retreats, lectures, free meditations and free informations sessions please Email us.


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"With one hand one can eat. With two hands one can work. With the mind one can rule the world."
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Why Meditate?
Vedic Meditation is about having the capacity to face demands head-on, and enjoy it.
Vedic Meditation
How It Works.
This is a simple technique that anyone can practice. The keyword is effortlessness. No focus or concentration required.
Vedic Meditation
How To Learn.
Attend an introductory talk and then sign up for the course.
Vedic Meditation
Comments from students who currently enjoy this simple technique.
Vedic Meditation
Courses & Events.
Find out when the next suitable introductory talks, meditation courses, knowledge meetings, and advanced courses are on.
Vedic Meditation
The Teacher.
Read about the experience and qualifications of the teacher.
Vedic Meditation