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What About Peace On A Grander Scale?

A claim of an effect on peace beyond our immediate sphere of influence is a big claim, however if we look at the mechanics with a thought experiment it is possible to see how we can do our little bit.

Are we a net giver or taker of stress in our community?

A person is cut off and abused whilst driving in traffic. They carry that stress with them into the rest of their day. Perhaps honking at other drivers, not giving way. They complain to their work colleagues about what happened rather than enjoy happy productive conversation. As we can see the stress from one bad driver in traffic has made its way like a virus through the traffic into this person's office. Their colleagues are now wearing some of this stress and may continue to spread it as has the first person.

The stress response results in a fight or flight reaction. The stressed person's actions lose some of that high perspective that is available to the unstressed body and gains the more narrowed perspective of a stressed body. Their decisions now favour immediate survival.

These decisions dictate how and with whom they associate and how they vote. A fight or flight state of mind will vote for politicians that offer fight or flight policies. Countries cannot run and hide so they must fight. Stressed minds cannot easily think laterally and find alternative solutions.

Creative solutions are actively avoided by a fight or flight mindset as it cannot deal with them. There is no time to entertain ideas outside the norm. Immediate action is required in that state of mind.

Though we are one small person on one large planet, our actions and decisions have some impact on a global scale, to the extent of our sphere of influence. But a massive impact when combined with many other people in the same state of mind.