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Group meditation every Sunday at 10 AM in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. For other events including meditation courses, advanced courses, retreats, lectures, free meditations and free informations sessions please Email us.


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"With one hand one can eat. With two hands one can work. With the mind one can rule the world."
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Why Meditate?

Because of the many benefits.

And it is not just for the "obviously stressed". Even happy people and people at the top of their game experience improvements.

Modern life brings with it many demands. Demands not met successfully result in an overload, a stress reaction. Successfully meeting demands leads to greater happiness and satisfaction.

It is impossible to stop or avoid most demands so the answer is to increase our available capacity. But capacity is used up by fatigue and stress that is in the system as well as by the way we think.

Vedic Meditation has been measured to bring rest that is 2 - 5 times deeper than the deepest point in a night's sleep. With this deep rest the body is able to throw off stresses that have accumulated over time. As the body does this more and more of our natural capacity becomes available and one is able to face demands more effectively.

Greater creativity helps solve life's everyday challenges. More clarity is experienced so that demands can be seen more clearly and dealt with more effectively. Decisions are made more quickly and with better results thereby making more efficient use of time and capacity. Health is improved allowing the meditator to be more available to meet demands.

It is then not so hard to see that the flow on effects lead to greater happiness and more wealth.


Stress should not be confused with pressure. Pressure is on the demand side of the equation whilst stress is caused by an overload of demands. It is possible to work well under pressure with many stressors but it is not possible to work well when there is a stress reaction to the stressors.

What about peace beyond our own sphere of influence?