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Group meditation every Sunday at 10 AM in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. For other events including meditation courses, advanced courses, retreats, lectures, free meditations and free informations sessions please Email us.


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"With one hand one can eat. With two hands one can work. With the mind one can rule the world."
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Private Consultations, Mentoring and Higher Enquiry

Peter Vroom is available for private consultations with meditators and non meditators upon request. During these sessions practitioners discuss such issues as advanced technique and advanced Vedic knowledge as well as a range of life's questions from love and relationships to business to life's path to happiness. No topic is off the agenda.

Einstein once said that one cannot solve a problem from the state of consciousness of the problem, they have to be in the state of consciousness of the solution. We do not spend any more time than is necessary on examining the problem. Instead we help the client reach the state of consciousness where they can access the solution.

Our philosophy is that clients be pointed in the direction of "solution consciousness" as quickly as possible without the need for regular visits.

Non meditators are welcome. Vedic Meditators however have a unique tool that allows them to become self sufficient at finding answers to life's challenges. Private consultations are designed to speed that process up with the eventual goal of having each meditator completely independent and able to come up with their own answers and direction, upon demand.

Sessions cost $200 and run for 1 hour.

To organise a private consultion please contact Peter directly at info@TheResoluteMind.com