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Vedic Meditation Debra Townes
"At the end of the first class, I remember thinking, where has my stress gone? How am I going to run my business without it? Perhaps I should put it back. But I didn't, and I survived, quite superbly actually. And life just keeps getting better and better every day."

... "Although I half expected my enthusiasm toward meditation to last as long as my meditation classes did, I must say I'm delighted at how well I've been able to personally sustain my interest in this practice in such a short period of time.

Mr. Vroom is clear, concise and thorough in his delivery of the concepts of Vedic meditation. Even as a new meditator, you really are able to take the seeds of this ancient wisdom and immediately use them to grow something special and profound for yourself. The effects are rather impressive as you are gently guided toward shifting your awareness from outer to inner.

For me, this meditation practice is one that takes root easily, for it truly is effortless in its form and essence. Mr. Vroom's ability to share this concept is most fluid, gracefully intelligible, and absolutely engaging."

... "As the owner of a holistic day spa in a big city, relaxation and wellness are usually our clients' main goals. But as a meditator myself, I also highly recommend that they include meditation into their lifestyles as an integral part of sustaining true relaxation and wellness—beyond their day spa experience."

Debra Townes
Day Spa Owner: The Home Spa
Brooklyn, NY, (718) 596 8668


Vedic Meditation Sandra Lee Paterson
"Firstly I want to tell you what an incredible and inspirational teacher u are - I've really loved every moment and it has been invaluable during a particularly difficult transitional stage in my evolution. thanku from the bottom of my heart."

Sandra Lee Paterson
Actor, Director, Writer, Acting Teacher
Sydney, Australia. Email.


Vedic Meditation Zara Birch
"Meditation for me is about taking time out for myself, to somewhat “recentre”. It is so easy to get caught up in the business and challenges of everyday life that it can become exhausting. I find meditating really helps me relax and 20 minutes of meditation can feel better than a power nap!

I was skeptical at first but when I decided to take the plunge (in one of the busiest weeks of my year) I felt the benefits immediately. It becomes easier to make decisions and deal with challenges as you feel more focused.

I found the teaching very straight forward and easy to learn. Peter was a great listener and explains every step of the process. Other people have noticed a change in me and I feel more calm and relaxed in myself. Since doing the course I have learned that a few of my peers also meditate and feel the same benefits. I would recommend it to anyone. You just have to be open minded and committed. It is most definitely worth the time and effort."

Zara Birch
Marketing & Communications, UNSW
Sydney, Australia.


Vedic Meditation Raelene Solomons
"I believed my self driven and motivated nature would be enough to achieve the results of my desires in life, this clearly was not the case after I started meditating. The meditation course has not only made me aware of the incredible ability that lies within every human, but I have now been empowered and enlightened with the realization that I too have the same tools and gifts that can produce a much more fulfilling life, and with minimal effort I can make it better each day!"

Raelene Solomons
Computer Systems Officer, UNSW
Sydney, Australia.


Vedic Meditation Tal Shahar
"As a relatively new business owner, my biggest challenge has been to find new clients. The clients I worked for were happy with my work and wrote me testimonials. Unfortunately, sales is not my background so selling new business owners without enough past clients that can refer me has been a challenge. I am confident in my actual work and the value it provides but closing sales is not my strength.

I tried Peter’s Vedic Meditation course in May 2013. I did not know what to expect, but I was open to new ideas that can help me grow my career. I understand that results can vary, but ever since I began meditating, I am very impressed at what it has done for my career and stress level. I am much more creative now in coming up with new strategies to grow my business and my stress has been significantly reduced. I make it a point to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes and I can already see an impact in my business strategies and stress level.

For example, prior to meditating I had a set schedule during the week and felt unnecessarily stressed if things didn’t go according to schedule. In the past, my main strategies were to put together a schedule for the week, reach out to past clients, family, and friends on LinkedIn for potential leads, send emails to business owners, work on my social media and website, and go to many networking events. It led to some results for my first 8 months but rather than continuing the status quo, I needed to add additional strategies. In the past two months I have added many new strategies that are already having an impact. I can’t think of another reason for the “out of the box” strategies I came up with other then the meditation. If it was just one new strategy, I wouldn’t think it was meditation, but it has been many new strategies. Meditation has led to a clearer and more open mind for new ideas. There are 8 new strategies I can think of since I began meditating.

1. I realized that I need to spend money in the short term to make money in the long term so rather than cutting costs as much as possible, I am focusing on investments that are necessary to grow the business.

2. I changed the company name to a new name that is easier to associate with what my business is about.

3. I hired a website professional to redo my website.

4. I joined a referral group which has led to many helpful meetings and connections.

5. I am hiring an internet marketing team this month.

6. I allow myself to have days that I work on creative strategies rather than worrying about doing everything according to schedule. I still have a schedule for the week, but in order to avoid staying within the box, I allow creativity to take over “the schedule”.

7. I am looking for sales guys to help since sales is not my biggest strength.

8. I offer a complimentary customized survey to prospects in order to help convince them of the value of my Customer Satisfaction Research.

All these new strategies are leading to better leads and more clients. Feel free to reach out if you want more of a discussion on how Peter’s meditation service has helped me. Also, if you are a business owner that is looking to grow your business through Customer Satisfaction Research, I would love to talk to you. You can check out my website or contact me to learn more. A complimentary customized survey will be provided if you reach out and express an interest in my service. I hope to hear from you."

Tal Shahar
Owner, Peak Customer Satisfaction
1436 North Martel Avenue, 317, Los Angeles, California 90046
Email, Website.


Shorty I
"Today makes 1 year that I started this journey consistently. I'm happy to say that I have incorporated meditation to my daily life and it's made a big difference. I'm much more peaceful and open minded. I am more mindful of my action and my outbursts. I'm not going to say that it's all peaches and cream all the time but when there is unexpected trouble, I am able to think things through and breathe before I react. I am also incredibly more in tune with myself and with nature. It's made me more grateful than I already was for everything. I look forward to the time I go within & just enjoy the silence. Thank you Peter Vroom & Sabina Padilla for initiating this awesome journey... Hope you are all doing well...

"Much Love ♥"
Shorty I
Miami Mama of two

Jennifer Heinen
"Meditation has been a tremendous help. It's like you've mentioned though: sometimes it's like you get so used to this new state of being you forget the reason why you got there. But never ever would I give up the practice, since I can tell I'm still a ways from getting to the point where all the past stresses have been released."

Jennifer Heinen

Justin S
"I count learning to meditate in the vedic tradition as one of the best decisions of my life.  I have been meditating for almost two years now and am astonished on the benefits I've received since learning with Angie.   I am calmer, stronger, more resilient, and most importantly more present.  I have found meditation to be an immensely powerful tool to improve my mind and my life. 

Angie is a brilliant and warm teacher who can speak to all parts of your meditating experience.   She is also capable of adjusting her teaching to make it relatable to your desired approach.  If you want to learn about the spiritual aspects of the practice, she can certainly delve into that.  But, if you want to understand the pure medical and scientific aspects of the practice, she can focus there. I can not speak highly enough of learning with her."

Justin S
Manager, Digital Media
Los Angeles, USA.


Rich Feldman - On Meditation
"I first started meditating in the early 80’s having read many books on the subject. I sought both a clear mind, and a spiritual experience. I was not very disciplined and could not find the right “practice” for me.

About year ago, through a friend, I discovered Vedic Meditation with Thom Knoles and subsequently Angie & Peter Vroom of “The Resolute Mind”. I have now been meditating twice a day, (well almost twice every day, it is a practice you know), and I can unequivocally state that my life has changed.

As an IT director who deals with complicated computer issues, as well as frustrated or frightened clients, I am now able to deal with situations or events with a clear and uncluttered mind. My business has never been better, and I am able to be of better service to my clients.

I now have an innate sense of well-being, and often feel an awareness of bliss. Situations that once left me drained or frustrated have now become less difficult and almost effortless. My relationships with family and friends have evolved into ones of respect and understanding."

Rich Feldman - On Exploring the Veda
"Studying The Vedas with Angie & Peter Vroom has opened my life to a wealth of possibilities I never would have imagined. I highly recommend both mediation and the further studies of the Vedic traditions with Peter and his wife Angie."

Rich Feldman
Technology Consultant
Los Angeles, USA.


Maguy Ouvrard - On Exploring the Veda
"My name is Maguy ( pronounced Maggie ), I am French and I have taken the Veda courses intensively over a six week period with Peter Vroom. I live in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. I flew to Los Angeles to take the Vedas.

Firstly, I really enjoyed the course as the knowledge is fascinating, unique and awe inspiring. I took the course with Jacob, a young American from L.A.

Secondly, it was an amazing experience to have Peter as our teacher. He organised the course thoroughly and concisely. He was very attentive to our needs and always there for us in any way. He transferred the knowledge in a light hearted manner, in a friendly atmosphere.

I couldn’t have wished for a better person to have looked after us.

Peter and Angela cooked us a great variety of tasty vegetarian meals that made us feel healthy, detoxified and ready to learn.

I strongly recommend anybody to take the Vedas with Peter Vroom. He has now become a very important person in my life to whom I am forever grateful.

Thanks to that unique experience, I am now feeling inspired and enthusiastic about life for life in a brand new way."

Maguy Ouvrard
Maguy has since become a Vedic Meditation teacher in the UK and France.


My life has changed unbelievably for the better since meeting Peter and beginning a steady meditation practice 9 months ago. I would highly recommend his teachings, this looks like a great opportunity.

Professional Poker Player.