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"With one hand one can eat. With two hands one can work. With the mind one can rule the world."
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Creativity is the tedency to generate or recognise ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems ... (Robert E. Franken)

Many people think of creativity as only being relevant in artistic endeavours. However, it is creativity that allows us to find solutions to any and all challenges that present to us in life, be they monumental or mundane. The kitchen fork, as mundane as it may seem, was once a creative idea.

If madness is repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome, then creativity is the antidote to madness.

Creativity is a natural quality that all humans have. So what is it that stifles creativity?

Most people would have noticed that when they are tired or fatigued it is harder to resolve challenges. That the fight or flight response that comes with stress narrows our "vision" such that we focus only on the danger at hand and cannot consider alternative ideas easily. Our systems are designed to revert to automatic responses in these moments, when time is of the essence.

We may not spend our days with extreme fatigue or fight or flight reactions but there is always some, to the extent that we have stress in our system. For most people it is subtle and not even noticed, though access to creativity is still hampered to an extent. They right off not being able to come up with the solution when they need it as something else or even give up. They consider problems as a natural part of life.

Our creative pool is always there and available, however the fatigue and distraction of stress reactions hinder us from accessing it. All we need to do is reduce the fatigue and stress and we automatically gain better access to creativity.

Whether it's an argument with a loved one, how to juggle children with "me time", completing a school assignment or work task, earning more, winning that girl, getting to that party or seeing that game. Most of us have worked out that we do it better when well rested and free of stress and fatigue. We just find ourselves with too many demands to be able to take the time to rest enough. 

Vedic Meditation brings rest which is 2-5 times deeper than the deepest point in a night's sleep. With this regular deep rest stress and fatigue in the system are quickly reduced thereby allowing for more access to creative responses. The clarity of mind that develops allows the creative ideas to surface and be "noticed", rather than hidden amongst the fatigue that dims, and many thoughts that fill our minds.