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Group meditation every Sunday at 10 AM in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. For other events including meditation courses, advanced courses, retreats, lectures, free meditations and free informations sessions please Email us.


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"With one hand one can eat. With two hands one can work. With the mind one can rule the world."
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How To Learn Vedic Meditation


Whilst some companies already know the benefits of meditation and are ready to set a course date most are in the position of "kind of knowing" that meditation might be good for the company but are not sure how or why. Our job is to help you join the dots. We do this by investigating your objectives and constraints and identifying where and how meditation will help your company achieve its goals. This process includes a written report.


We meet for an information session to answer any questions you might have. During this process we will discuss what you're trying to achieve and see if Vedic Meditation will help you achieve that. This introductory session carries no obligation and is free.

Email us to organize an appointment.

The course itself will provide you with all you need to know about how to meditate, what happens during and outside of meditation, how to deal with thoughts during meditation, what to expect as you continue your practice and of course your personal mantra. Strategies to find time to meditate are discussed as well as some tips on how to get more out of life.

See the Course curriculum.


Meditation is a "mechanical" process, somewhat like brushing teeth. It does not matter how much you believe in it - you have to do it for it to work - just like brushing teeth. For this reason the follow-up provided is just as important as the initial course. Our fees are structured such that you get as much attention as you need to maintain a regular practice and to gain all the benefits.

Once you have completed the course you will have enough knowledge and be qualified to practice on your own for the rest of your life. You need not attend the course again however your course fee allows you to attend any initial course in the future, whether run by us or one of our many colleagues around the world. You are welcome to join any of the free regular group meditation and technique refinement sessions run by us or our colleagues around the world. In addition we are available to check your meditation technique should you feel concerned that you are not doing it right.


Course fees vary widely depending on what services you want, whether you are an individual or a group/company and whether you have special needs. Please email us and once we understand your needs we will be able to set your course fee.

*This course fee is used to keep the center running and to support us and families so that we can teach on a full time basis. It also allows you to repeat any future initial meditation courses free and it covers follow ups, free group meetings and free technique refinement sessions with us or any of our colleagues.